Devices purchased from other countries

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Each cellular provider in Canada uses its own set of frequencies. Each device supports a different set of frequencies that determine what networks it can connect to. Devices that are certified by a Canadian wireless service provider will be programmed in such a way as to be operational on that Canadian network.

Devices that are acquired in other countries and brought in to Canada – which are referred to as “grey market devices” – may not comply with Canada’s wireless equipment standards. These devices may be on the list of wireless public alerting compatible devices on a wireless service provider’s website without being compatible from the standpoint of software.

Specific to wireless public alerting, the device:

  • May not fully support software upgrades;
  • May not be capable of receiving an alert even if it is identified as a model that is compatible;
  • May not support or display an alert in the correct format, or in the language it is sent.

These situations are fully outside of a service provider’s control.

In cases where you purchased your device outside of Canada, you should verify compatibility with the device manufacturer directly.



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