What do emergency alerts look and sound like?

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Emergency alerts on radio, television and compatible wireless devices begin with a distinct sound, known as the Canadian Alert Attention Signal. Emergency alerts sent to compatible wireless devices will also cause the phone to vibrate. The sound and vibration conveys a sense of urgency and reinforces the alert message. 

On television and radio, the emergency alert sound will be followed by an automated message with the emergency alert details. On television, the emergency alert details in text will be presented either as a full screen or in a section at the top or bottom of the screen, this is at the discretion of the broadcaster.

On compatible, LTE or 5G-connected wireless devices, the emergency alert will display an “EMERGENCY ALERT/ALERTE D’URGENCE” banner, followed by text that describes the situation and provides instructions on what actions to take and where to find more information. At the top of each emergency alert, the issuing government agency will be clearly indicated.

 To hear a sample of the Canadian Alert Attention Signal click here.