What types of emergency alerts are issued via Alert Ready?

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The Alert Ready system allows alerting authorities from federal, provincial and territorial governments (Government Issuers) to issue a wide range of public safety messages. However, broadcasters and wireless service providers are only required to distribute emergency alerts for situations that pose an immediate threat-to-life.

Government officials developed and agreed on a specific list of alerts that are considered a threat-to-life. These alerts should be distributed immediately on television, radio and compatible wireless devices. Called “Broadcast Immediately,” these emergency alerts have the highest level of severity, urgency and certainty. For a full list of alerts, visit the Alert Types section of this website at https://www.alertready.ca/#types.

Distributing emergency or public alerts outside of this list (for example heavy rainfall or blizzard warnings) is at the discretion of each of the broadcasters. Wireless service providers will only receive and relay emergency messages that are issued for threat-to-life situations.